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What is the Remnant?

What do we mean by Remnant Training Camp :

Remnant is a Biblical term found over 90 times in the KJV Bible referring to what is remaining. In many verses it refers to a group of people that remained after much destruction. The purpose of God to leave a remnant was to carry on the race and His purposes.

Romans 11:5, John 15:16

A remnant would have to be tough physically & spiritually, they would have had to overcome alot and endure through all kinds of troubles and trials. A Remnant Training Camp would help people prepare for life's difficulties and overcome through them to carry on the purposes of God.

We provide support to train up such a group of people.

People from all walks of life come with problems of EVERY kind. They come to get help. They come to the

Spiritual Hospital for God's most hurting sheep,

a City of Refuge, a Deliverance Ministry,

a Drug & Alcohol Rehab, and

an End Times Church.

Lives are changed here

Family relationships are restored

a REAL realtionship with a REAL God

is established or renewed, and

broken lives are made whole again.

and a "Remnant" that can endure through all manner of difficult times is brought forth; and refined as

pure gold.

The remnant church is a servant to the international Body of Christ - not any denomimation or affiliation, simply a servant. A remnant piece of carpet is one you place at the door for everyone who comes into the house to wipe their feet on. They will endure through being hurt, in danger, persecuted, and betrayed; just as Jesus laid down his life for his friends.

Please consider carefully

and support this important work.

Thank You!