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International Missions
Philippine Feeding Program
If you feel led to help in any way please email us at

The Feeding Program is an Evangelical Community Outreach. Feeding children regardless of church affiliation or lack of it.

Hunger has no prerequisite. This program is an efficient way to meet the needs of these children on a more regular basis. The various churches get together now and pool their meager resources to feed these precious little ones one day a week.   [More Photos]

Approximately 1,500 children show up in groups at over 25 different churches for vitamins and this feeding which usually consists of a small bowl of rice in some broth. It doesn't sound like much by our standards but these children are so grateful for this meal. They stand patiently waiting to receive what may realistically be the best meal of their week.

I was privileged to share one of these meals with about 100 children and I want to tell you that I have never seen such well-mannered hunger or such a sincere gratitude for the little that they received.

The hearts of the pastors are moved to compassion. Compassion being putting FEET to your sympathy. These men work together, they don't have much but give what they have. They don't have time to worry about denominational differences. We are talking children and their survival.

Do you have compassion for these hungry little ones? Then put some FEET to your feelings. Contact me at so I can let you know how you can help feed our children. Yes, OUR children, after all aren't we all responsible for the little ones such as these?

If you feel led to help in any way please
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