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artist's rendering of Villanueva Christan Center in Villanueva, Mindenao, PhilippinesThis is an artist's rendering of the completed Villanueva Christan Center  in Villanueva, Mindenao, Philippines.  It is only about 800 sq. ft. of floor area.  This is the church of Pastor Tim who oversees 38 other churches on the island of Mindenao.  Each of the churches have a membership between 20-40 adults.  About half of these, also have feeding programs that provide subsistence food and vitamins for hungry children in their respective communities. 

Pastor Tim and his sweet wife Virgie, have 5 children and live right around the corner from the church they are constructing.  They hold services in the uncompleted structure daily. The church membership is about 35 adults with many more children. The children are well behaved in service and the young adults lead most of the singing.  Pastor Tim preaches from a  Cebuano translation of the King James Version of the Bible.  He also holds Pastor's conferences and provides distribution of  monies and goods that we send for all the churches.

Pastor Tim

The other churches are all at varying travel distances from Villanueva. And Pastor Tim desperately needs a vehicle to transport members from outlying churches to all their destinations to meet all their congregations' needs. Currently, the truck we purchased for them some years ago is broken down beyond repair and they must rely on expensive public transportation to get around.

Pastor Tim needs monies to finish the Christian Center so that he can house visiting Pastors from the outlying congregations when they come to meetings because it is more than a days journey.  The upstairs rooms will be used during the day for children's classrooms during worship services.

The figures below renumerate the costs for completion.

The Remaining Amount Needed for the Building

Remaining needed amount for building

 If you feel led to help in any way please email
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