Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Dining Hall under Construction

90 Day Residential Program

Dining Hall Building Project

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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

What we Do

We provide assistance to Jesus Is! Ministries, Inc.

We capitalize on all our professional relationships to help avert some of the cost for this very effective ministry to expand to meet the needs of the thousands of hurting people that it has helped since 1979. We hope you will want to join with us to assist and support this cost free ministry so that if someone YOU love needs help, there will be enough room for them.

Help by participating in some of the

Jesus Is Ministries Fundraisers

Download special sermons preached by the Ministry Founders;

Jim (Dad) Adams &

Gloria (Mom) Adams

The Glorious Church

Him That Overcometh

How to Receive from God

How to be a Miracle Worker

False humility

Traditions and Doctrine of Men

Who is in Bondage to What?

and many many more!!!

Download sermons here

Anointed Framed Art

Gloria Joy Adams, lovingly referred to as "Mom", has personally put together beautiful Thomas Kinkade puzzles and had them framed with hand crafted frames that you can select
Contact the Ministry for available titles 352-447-2731

now on display in the ministry office