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Bible-based Teaching

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Perspective on the End Times


Jesus-Sin for us

Talk about Jesus

the Body Sharing

the Gospel and the Salt

Who am I to you?

Why follow Jesus?

the Prayer Life of Jesus

How to Resist the Devil

What to do when your Faith is Tried


Work out your Salvation

The Cross

Trying of your Faith

As you Think

What are you Thinking

Really KNOWING Jesus

What about Suffering

the Battle in your Mind

You ARE Forgiven

Better than a Hallelujah-song

Speak out Loud

In the NAME of Jesus


Fight the Good Fight

Commit to Stay Strong

Persistence in Prayer

Love and Charity

Be Sure you are Saved


What Jesus Did for Us

Praying the Word

MIssion Team from Jerusalem

The Prayer of Faith

Forgiveness and Preparation

Dealing with Fear

Wash Feet-Forgive Sin

The World Hates You

Refuse to Criticize

The Authority Jesus'Lordship brings

Jesus Is Lord

Confessing with your Mouth

Authority in the Spirit Realm

Made Righteous


Believing Connected to Thanksgiving

Spiritual Authority and Psalm 91

The Spirit World does Exist

Spritual Warfare

The Sin Nature

The safety of being IN Jesus

The Law of Sin and Death

Questions & Answers

Keeping Faith in Unanswered Prayer

The Body

Deny Yourself

Those who say "Lord, Lord"

Being Great in the Kingdom

How to Resist the Devil

Stand for Your Deliverance

The Body Ministering-8-12-14

The Chosen are Tested

Importance of Forgiveness

Freedom from Unforgiveness

How the Gifts are to be Used

The Body Ministering to Itself

The Gift of Tongues

What is Love

Practicing Love

Your Reasonable Service

What Must I Do?

The Scariest Part of the Bible

What IS a Christian?

The Proof is Jesus

Try the Spirits

The Parable of the Sower



Am I REALLY Born Again?

Being Self Sufficient

I Choose to Believe-Pt 1

I Choose to Believe - Pt 2

I Choose to Believe-Pt 3

Power Faith

What is Faith?

Why Did God Create Faith?

How Do you Believe what you cannot see?

7 Steps to Receiving by Faith

Running the Race-Part 1 of 3

The Problem of Deception - Part 2 of 3

Knowing the Truth - Part 3 of 3


Faith - 102

The Filling of the Holy Spirit


About False Teaching