Training Camp & Rehabilitation Dining Hall under Construction

90 Day Residential Program

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Training Camp & Rehabilitation
Dining Hall Building Project

Jesus Is! Ministries, Inc.

the Rehab with a Heart

Where Real People with REAL Problems
meet the REAL God
and get Really Delivered

Jesus Is Ministries began in 1979 and has housed, fed, clothed and restored thousands of America's hurting family members.

We have a completely FREE 90 day residential rehab center never funded by any state or government agency.

Join with us this year as we erect a kitchen and dining hall facility to help us Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Needy & Set the Captives Free!!!!

Over$40,000 worth of engineering design & permitting services have been provided to the ministry free of charge!

A world of Thanks to all who gave so many hours out of their busy schedules!!!!

Civil Site Design, Gary Koltz, P.E.

Architect, David King, AIA

Electrical Engineer, Dave Whitson, P.E.

Structural Engineer, Ed Czarneki, P.E.

Surveyors Kelly Roberts, PSM and Cary Melvin, PSM

Pump donation Facilitator - George Voiland, P.E.

Pump Donation by Susan O'Grady of Hydromatic
& Tony Collins of Barney's Pumps

Many more generous brothers and sisters in Christ who prefer to not be named have donated tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours.

Now You can be a part of these and many more projects as well.

Please come visit us if you can and feel the presence of God for yourself.

This is not so much a plea for money but an investment opportunity. If you add this opportunity to your investment portfolio, God guarantees fantastic returns in this world, plus deposits to your account in Heaven. When you plant your seed in productive soil, you definitely get a good return. If you are smart, you do not give to receive, but you give for the joy of giving. God loves a cheerful giver.

Feel free to email for directions and times of services or visit

Catherine Lawhun-Stevens, Facilitator
The Jesusis4 Foundation, Inc.

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